Salaries for U.S. Fastest Growing Jobs

The American economy is expected to add close to ten million jobs between now and 2024. The shifting demographics, an expanding economy, and consumer demand will fuel growth in certain sectors. A financial news and opinion company, 24/, reviewed occupational data to identify the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. If you are considering relocating to the U.S. for a job, contact GCL Experts for information on applying for the Green Card Lottery.

The fastest growing occupation in the U.S. is wind turbine service technicians. They receive a median annual wage of $51,050. This occupation is expected to double by 2024. The second fastest growing occupation is occupational therapy assistants and aides who receive a median annual wage of $54,520. Third is physical therapist assistants and aides who bring in an annual wage of $42,980. Home health aides rank fourth and have a median annual wage of $21,920. There are many various growing job sectors in the U.S. GCL Experts have a legal team who will assist you in applying for the Green Card Lottery.

Coming in fifth place as the fastest growing occupation is nurse practitioners. The median annual wage for this job field is $98,190. Statisticians rank sixth, and the projected gain in jobs for this field is 33.8% by 2024. The median annual wage is $80,110. Ambulance drivers and attendants bring in an annual wage of $23,740 and rank seventh. With so many job opportunities in America, now is a good time to contact Green Card Lottery Experts for information on immigration to the U.S.

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