Austin, TX Ranked Top City to Start A Business

The CNBC Metro 20: America’s Best Places to Start a Business, scored Austin, Texas number one. The survey rates the cities on things such as the cost of doing business, environment for small-business success, labor force, quality of life, and diversity. The population of Austin is almost 886,000 and leads much larger cities in entrepreneurship. CEO of Buz2Credit, Rohit Arora, says, “Texas is a very business-friendly state, with a good lifestyle and good weather.” Arora also says The University of Texas at Austin is a college that attracts many international students, so the city is a diverse one. GCL Experts will help you apply for the Green Card Lottery, so you can live and work in America.

The presence of the several universities in the city of Austin has contributed to the well-educated workforce in the area. This draws employers and caused fast growth in startups, growing by 81.2 percent. Pushing the growth is cost of living and low taxes, compared to major metro areas like Boston, New York, Chicago, and the Silicon Valley. There is no personal income tax in Austin, and the state has a zero corporate tax rate. All of these factors allow business owners to invest in their new ventures. The public is very receptive to the cutting edge products coming from the new businesses. Living in such a progressive community leads to many opportunities for you and your family. Contact GCL Experts to begin the immigration process as quickly as possible.

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