Jobs in the USA with the Fastest Growing Pay

Online jobs and careers community, Glassdoor, released its monthly Local Pay Report. This report shows salary is only one part of job compensation. Green Card Lottery Experts (GCLExperts) is an immigration firm that helps foreign nationals through the application process to enter the Green Card Lottery.

The following nine jobs saw the greatest increase in year-over- year growth in August of 2017. They came in far above the national average wage growth of 2%. There were three jobs that held first place in the poll: insurance jobs, baristas, and truck drivers. Insurance jobs have shown a 5.7% wage growth year-over- year. Insurance agents who sell insurance policies had a median base pay of $43,652, baristas had a
pay of $24,194, and truck drivers had a median base pay of $52,079. If you would like to be a citizen of the U.S. or work in America, Green Card Lottery Experts will find your United States immigration solution.

In fourth place were recruiters, which help companies find, review, and hire prospective employees. This job has a median base pay of $50,483 and saw a 5.2% wage growth year-over- year. In fifth place were bank tellers, who had a median base pay of $28,636 and a 4.9% wage growth.


In sixth place were restaurant cooks, which saw a wage growth year-over- year of 4.7% and had a median base pay of $28,628. In eighth place were cashiers who work retail, and pharmacy technicians who measure prescription drugs for patients – both saw an increase of 3.7%. Cashiers had a median base pay of $27,701 while pharmacy technicians weighed in at $30,592.

Finally, in ninth place are producers who oversee projects in media, movies, news broadcasts and radio shows. They had a median base pay of $52,935 and saw an increase in wage growth of 3.5%. Contact Green Card Lottery Experts to learn how you can begin your move to the United States.

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