Healthcare Industry Creates High-Paying Jobs in the USA

ere is no lack of education in the United States. Nearly thirty-five percent of adults in the U.S. over the age of 24 have achieved a degree in higher education. This is a substantial increase from previous generations, but the workforce in the U.S. still has 70% of workers who do not have a college degree.
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syringe-1884784_960_720A job site, CareerCast, researched data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in order to find the best jobs in the U.S. for workers who had not graduated from college. These are the results of that research.
For a person in the United States who doesn’t have a college degree, the number one job is as a diagnostic medical sonographer. This position has a median yearly salary of $64,280. The second top job you can have without a college degree is as a medical records technician that has a median yearly salary of $37,254. Next in line at the third position is a web developer, and this position does not require a degree from a university and has a yearly salary of $66,130.

In fourth place of jobs that you can work without a college degree is as a paralegal, and the median salary for a paralegal is $49,255. Next in line is industrial machine repair in the 5th position. This job has a median yearly salary of $48,239. If you work with the Green Card Lottery Experts, they will provide you with helpful assistance to make it easier to immigrate to America. In the sixth position of the top jobs in the United States that don’t require a university degree is an executive assistant, which brings in a median annual salary of $53,235. A broadcast and sound engineering technician comes in at 7th place, and brings home a yearly salary of about $42,780. Next, in eighth place, are respiratory therapists.

They make an annual median salary of $57,790, and this job does not usually require a college degree. In the ninth position are electrician jobs, which bring in about $51,880 each year. And finally, in the tenth position of jobs that don’t require a college degree in the United States are plumbers, with a median salary of $50,620.
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