Americans Confident About Jobs in the USA

The low unemployment rate in America is providing employees with more leverage than has been available in previous years. Workers are moving to better jobs or looking for better opportunities available to them. With unemployment rates at a low, now is the time to look for work in America. Contact Green Card Lottery Experts for assistance with your application for the Green Card Lottery.

ADP, a payroll processing company, reports close to 27 percent of workers changed jobs in the first quarter of the year. This is a four percent increase in three years. Employees in the hospitality field and those in business and professional services are the most likely to switch jobs. With the labor market tightening, employees have more power.

Firms are forced to increase wages to entice employees from other companies. For a better financial outlook, consider contacting Green Card Lottery Experts for information on obtaining a work visa to the United States.

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