10 Most Highly-Rated Cities in America

When moving to America, consider living in one of the highest-rated cities there. Researchers at Niche.com conducted their annual survey to report on the top U.S. cities.

The report evaluates 228 cities and is based on quality of life factors such as cost of living; public school system; time for commutes; crime and safety; health; nightlife, weather; cost of higher education; housing; diversity; overall experience; family friendliness; jobs; and outdoor activities.

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The top one hundred cities to live in the United States for 2017 include: #1 Ann Arbor, Michigan; #2 Naperville, Illinois; #3 Arlington, Virginia; #4 Columbia, Maryland; #5 Berkeley, California; #6 The Woodlands, Texas; #7 Plano, Texas; #8 Overland Park, Kansas; #9 Boulder, Colorado; and #10 Irvine, California.

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