Top States for Good-Paying Jobs in the USA

New research by Georgetown University shows there are over 30 million good jobs that do not require a four-year college degree. Although it is harder to enjoy a middle-class life without a degree than it was years ago, there are still great opportunities for people who do not want to go in debt with college loans. “Good jobs” are defined by Georgetown University as those with an average pay of $55,000 annually, $35,000 for those under 45, and $45,000 for those 45 and older. With opportunities for jobs in the United States, Green Card Lottery Experts can help you file your application for the Green Card Lottery to be able to receive a work visa. These “good jobs” comprise almost a fourth of all jobs in America.

They are growing in skilled services such as leisure and hospitality and healthcare, according to the director of research, Jeff Strohl. Blue collar industries, such as transportation, construction, and manufacturing, are decreasing. The growth is likely to continue in the U.S. Some states saw a significant increase in jobs not requiring a college degree that pay well. Georgia saw a 118% increase and gained 232,000 jobs. The median earning was $54,000. Texas had 648,000 new positions added in well-paid skilled service jobs, while blue collar jobs saw a 26% increase. The median salary is $57,000. Other states in America that saw an increase in these types of jobs are Oklahoma, Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Montana. When deciding which state is the best place to live in the USA for you and your family, contact Green Card Lottery Experts for help in applying for the Green Card Lottery.

  • Jobs gained (thousands)
  • Jobs increase by %
  • Median earning (thousands)

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