Immigration to the USA from 1783 to 2018 Analyzed

The United States has welcomed close to 100 million immigrants since 1783. The term “immigrants” refers to those from another land who come to the United States with the intent to permanently settle and make this new land their home. They are different from “nonimmigrants” who make temporary visits to America as students, tourists, etc. Once they receive legal permanent residency, they are no longer considered a nonimmigrant, no matter how they entered into the U.S.

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From 1783 to 2018, the United States has welcomed over one hundred million immigrants to this country. The average number of new legal immigrants per year from those dates was 370,169, which was 0.4 percent of the population. America’s tradition of allowing people in their country from around the world is admirable and you could be one of those people. Contact Green Card Lottery Experts for more information.

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