Economy Produced 312,000 US Jobs During December 2018

The U.S. economy ended 2018 very strong by adding 312,000 jobs in December. Not only was the year-end expectation for growth smashed, but wages also rose 3.2 percent in the year after almost ten years of slow improvements. The unemployment rate edged up to 3.9 percent, which is the highest rate since July of 2018, but is still very low and shouldn’t alarm anyone.

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Joseph Brusuelas, a chief economist at RSM, said over 400,000 additional people started looking for work last month, which signals that higher wages could be motivating Americans to look for better opportunities. “You’re bringing people back into the labor force, and that is a good thing,” he said.

All around, 2018 was the greatest year for U.S. job creation in three years. An additional 2.6 million jobs were added in the year, and the labor participation rate was higher at the year-end at 63.1 percent of Americans working or actively looking for jobs in the last month of the year. Green Card Lottery Experts has a team of professionals to walk you through the U.S. immigration process and help you apply for the Green Card Lottery.

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