American Workers Adjust to Changes in US Employment

The landscape of employment in the United States has seen many changes. The American public is adjusting to the new realism of the workplace and beginning to rethink the skills they will need in order to compete.

Pew Research Center conducted a survey, with data from the Markle Foundation, and found that jobs requiring additional education and training are increasing, and many employees are grasping the fact that retraining and raising their skill level will be a lifetime commitment. With many opportunities available for work in the U.S., consider GCLExperts for information on participating in the Green Card Lottery.


Around 83 million people were employed in positions that require an average or above average preparation level, which includes education, job training, and experience. The number is a 68% increase from 1980. There was only a 31% rise in positions needing below average preparation for the job. There was 83% growth in employment for jobs requiring high social skills. These skills include management, interpersonal, and communication skills.

Positions that depend more on physical skills, such as machinery operation, tool manipulation, or manual labor, only saw an 18% increase. Salaries have increased among jobs requiring analytical skills and higher social skills. The average salary went up from $23 to $27 per hour. If you are willing to get further training and education, there are more opportunities available to you and your family. GCLExperts can help you receive one of the 50,000 immigrant visas available.

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